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Lab & Medical Instruments Manufacturing /Comprehensive Distribution /Lental & Total Service Providers

Lab & Medical
Instruments Manufacturing

Development and Manufacture of Technology-intensive

High-value Added Premium Lab Equipments>
(Ex : Autoclave, Centrifuge, Heating Mantle, Incubator, Mixing/Shaking/Stirrer, Reactor System, Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, ULT Freezer, etc )

Lab & Medical
Instruments General Supply

Cooperates with more than 70 Enterprises from 16 Countries Worldwide

Cooperates with more than 140 Manufacturers in South Korea

Distributes more than 30,000 Lab Equipments to Nationwide and Worldwide(over 60 Countries)

LAB Rental & Total LAB Service

Industry-First! LAB Equipment Rental Service : Reduces the Cost Burden Continuous maintenance

Total LAB Service : One-stop A/S for All Equip & Brands! IQ & OQ service

global network

The Allied Enterprises

ALLforLAB   /   ALL LAB   /   DAIHAN-Analytics   /   DAIHAN-Daegu   /   DAIHAN-Vietnam   /   SciLab Korea   /   SciLab-Malaysia

2-Overseas Franchisee

DAIHAN-Indonesia and SciLab-Vietnam


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