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DAIHAN Scientific

Lab & Medical Instruments Manufacturing /Comprehensive Distribution /Lental & Total Service Providers

Lab & Medical Products

DAIHAN Scientific
Development and Manufacture of Technology-intensive High-value Added Premium Lab & Medical Equipment

SciLab Korea
Manufacture of Precision Glassware Including Reactor System with in-house Glass Blowing Specialists and the best Processing Facilities

General Supply
Laboratory · Medical · Industry MRO

Cooperates with more than 70 Enterprises from 16 Countries Worldwide.

Cooperates with more than 140 Manufacturers in South Korea. Distributes more than 30,000 Lab · Medical & Medical Lab · Industry MRO Items to Nationwide and Worldwide (over 70 Countries)

Total Lab Care Service

LAB Equipment Rental Service

Used Mall for Used Lab Equipment

One-stop A/S for All Equip & Brands!

IQ & OQ service

KOLAS Certified Calibration for Volume(㎖) & Weight(g)

Lab Room Consulting & Installation

Custom made Service

global network

The Allied Enterprises

ALLforLAB   /   ALL LAB   /   DAIHAN-Analytics   /   DAIHAN-Daegu   /   DAIHAN-Vietnam   /   SciLab Korea   /   SciLab-Malaysia

2-Overseas Franchisee

DAIHAN-Indonesia and SciLab-Vietnam


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