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Company Profile, KOSDAQ Listed.

Company DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd.
co-CEO Chairman Shu, Chong Ku and President Shu, Hyun Jeong
Foundation The Founder : Shu, Chong Ku.
• Established as a Private Enterprise / 04 Jan. 1980
• Conversion as a Corporation / 23 Jun. 1993
Capital KRW 3,727,245,000 (October 2018)
Staff 124명 (October 2018) : DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd
Business Styl Manufacturing of Lab Instruments
General Supplier for All-round Lab Products
Head Office,
Institute, Factory
326, Sinpyoungsukhwaro, Jijeong-myeon, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, KOREA
Local Sales And A/S Center • DAIHAN Bldg : 25-31, Hwarangro 18, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, KOREA
• SciLab Bldg : 25-38, Hwarangro 18, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, KOREA
• Daejeon : 77, Jukdong-ro, Youseong-gu, Daejeon, KOREA
Sales-Network • Local : 47 Official Distributors
• Overseas : 63 Official Distributors in 53 Countries
• ON-Line Shopping-mall
The Allied Enterprises DAIHAN-Analytics, DAIHAN-China, DAIHAN-DaeguGyeongbuk, DAIHAN-International, SciLab Korea, and Openmarket ALLforLAB
5-Overseas Franchisee DAIHAN-Indonesia, DAIHAN-Malaysia, DAIHAN–Vietnam, SciLab-Malaysia, and SciLab-Vietnam

The Board of Directors ; Expert System

CEO / Chairman Shu, Chong Ku
• Yonsei Univ. Physics & Chemical Eng.
• Researcher of KOMSCO
• Founder of DAIHAN Scientific Co., Ltd.
• Founder of SciLab Korea Co., Ltd
• CEO/Chairman of DAIHAN Scientific
Park, Jae Yil
Vice Chairman
Producing & QC
Shu, Hyun Jeong
CEO / President
Lee, Choong Hyoung
CFO / Director
CEO of SciLab Korea
Park, Hyun Joo
Regional Sales Director
Asian Market
Suh, Patrick
General manager
Overseas Business
Kim, Dong Yoon
Sales Director
Local Market
Lee, Gyu-Taek
WH Director
WMS & Delivery
Son, Young Chang
Manufacturing Director
Factory Ⅱ
Yoo, Lok Jong
Manufacturing Director
Factory Ⅰ
CEO of The Allied Enterprises
Lee, Sang Bum / CEO
ON-Line Business
DAIHAN Scientific China
Shu, Jong Taek / CEO
Entire China Market
DAIHAN Scientific Int’l Inc.
Suh, Patrick / CEO
Global Business

DAIHAN Analytics Co., Ltd.
Lee, Peter / CEO
Analysis Instruments Business
DAIHAN Scientific DaeguGyeongbuk
Jung, Jong Jin / CEO

SciLab Korea Co., Ltd.
Lee, Choong Hyoung / CEO
Global Business
DAIHAN Scientific Jongno
Shu, Kang Min / CEO
Wholesale for Dealers
Lee, Jae Woong / CEO
Bid Business

Operating Organization